About company


The company LLC SK Logist & Co provides a wide range of services for responsible storage and processing of goods.

About company

The company "SK Logist and Co." has been offering comprehensive logistics services related to the processing, storage and maintenance of products for various purposes for many years.

It is advisable to take advantage of the offer of an organization that provides otvetkhraneniya services for a number of reasons:

Cost savings for purchasing and maintaining loading and unloading equipment.
No costs for maintaining the regular number of storekeepers and loaders.
Rational use of your own space, if any.
Energy, security, and packaging costs are saved.
The need for warehouses for responsible storage of goods arises for business representatives when the cargo is transported in large quantities to other cities with further redistribution through the network or stores, as well as when trade or production is seasonal.

Take the advantage of logistics companies, it is advisable from the point of view of professional approach to the organization of the service and, given the release time for more important tasks regarding your business.

The service becomes particularly relevant when temporary storage of goods is required. For example, a company is engaged in trading activities and supplies goods to many regions and regions — it is not advisable to maintain its own premises for this purpose. It is not reliable to search for rent and rent a room without the appropriate service.

The warehouse premises provided for rent comply with technical standards. Loading and unloading equipment and warehouse equipment are available to handle sufficient quantities of incoming cargo for storage.

Storage of cargo in a warehouse is a standard necessity for any commercial or industrial enterprise. The task requires the availability of areas with the appropriate conditions of temperature, humidity, air conditioning, with load-lifting transport equipment, a staff of loaders, storekeepers, security guards, and administrative personnel.

Temporary storage of cargo in a warehouse imposes obligations on the company to organize proper service, which includes:

Creating suitable conditions for each product/product.
Ensuring the security of the premises and the safety of quality parameters of the cargo.
Provision of packaging containers and loading/unloading/moving services.
All warehouse operations and product movements are documented. Contracts and invoices are provided to customers on demand. The cost of renting a warehouse is moderate. The price for the service is formed based on the occupied space and the number of operations performed. In any case, this is advantageous, since the total costs, such as security, electricity, are distributed to a large number of customers.
The company's staff is staffed with professional personnel. Each employee is personally responsible for compliance with the organization's requirements for storage conditions.