Do you need a modern warehouse complex, and would you like to reduce your financial and time costs? Then our offers are for you! SK Logist & Co offers comprehensive logistics services related to processing, storage and maintenance of products for various purposes.

  • How to get from Moscow

    We are located 43 km from the Moscow ring road . You can get to us by the Leningradsky highway, Pyatnitsky highway, and the M11 toll road (Moscow-Saint Petersburg

  • What is the cost of storage

    The cost of storage in an unheated warehouse from 7 rubles 1 sq. m. or 1 p/m per day. Storage in a heated warehouse from 10 rubles 1 sq. m. or 1P/m per day.

  • Warehouse opening hours?

    We work 24/7, without a break for lunch.

  • What volume of discounts are provided?

    The system of discounts is provided for customers whose occupied area exceeds 300 sq. m.

  • Is there a Parking lot for trucks on the territory of the warehouse complex?

    Yes, on the territory of the warehouse complex, there is a Parking lot for trucks. Is free.

  • How does the discount system work?

    Depending on the area occupied, the volume of loading and unloading operations, and the storage period, the discount system is discussed individually with each client.

  • Does your company work on weekends and holidays?

    The schedule of the company "SK Logistics and Co" 24/7, on weekdays from 9: 00-18: 00. During off-hours, weekends and holidays, we work using the coefficient.

  • How much will it cost to transfer 30 p / m from one car to another?

    The cost of this service will cost 5000 rubles if the weight of one item is up to 1 ton.

  • Do you have a service for loading/unloading big bags?

    Loading/unloading of big bags and other non-standard cargo is carried out by loaders with a load capacity from 3 to 5 tons, using attachments on the sides of the loader, traverses or crane beams.